The C.B.T.

C.B.T. This leads to a 125cc (50cc at 16) with L Plates Licence for 2 years. Instruction is carried out in training grounds and also on public roads if you reach the required standard. The CBT teaches you the mastering of the controls, your machine, explains your road safety and provides you with the riding skills for various traffic conditions.  

C.B.T. on your own Bike ... 95.00
C.B.T. with Hire Bike ... 120.00
Extra Session To Complete C.B.T. ...£20


The day starts with an eye sight test and licence check, your instructor will explain why there is a CBT and what will happen whilst you are on the course. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have throughout the course. After a talk on the different types of motorcycle clothing and alternatives you will be shown around your machine and learn about daily/weekly checks, the correct use of stands and basic machine handling skills both on and off the bike.

Finally its time to ride your bike, we start off nice and easy - learning how to pull away and stop in a straight line then progressing through gear changing, slow control exercises, observations, braking and simulated left and right turns. All these exercises will be fully explained by your instructor and you will have plenty of time to perfect your new skill before you move onto the next part of the course.

When you have mastered your machine handling skills and observation routines we have a discussion on how to use these skills "on the road" and the importance of riding safely and legally. This part of the course also consists of a question and answer session from both you and your instructor.

The "on road ride" is a chance to put together all the skills learnt from the rest of the course in a practical enviroment. You will be fitted with a radio so your instructor can give directions, talk you through various situations and give you advice whilst on the move. There will be regular stops to allow an indepth de-brief on the ride and a chance for you to ask any questions. Do not worry if you do not know the area, full directions will be given over the radio.

Please read our page on preparing for a course before attending your C.B.T.