Group Riding

A great way to enjoy your riding is to go out with a group of friends but there are a few basic steps that will help you have a great ride out but all get home safely.

Ride within your own capabilities - The person in front of you may have different experience than you or a bike that handles a differently in the corners. It is good to get advise from someone who has been riding for some time but look at every stretch of road and corner for yourself and go at a speed that you are comfortable with (P.S. Speed limits are not just for your test!!!)

Pre-arrange a route, including any coffee stops, before you start. If you do fall behind a bit there is no pressure to push yourself beyond your capabilities.

Leading a group. Try to keep at at the pace of the slowest rider. It's not a bad idea to have the least experianced rider behind you.

Prepare your bike before the ride - see preparing your bike but remember your basic checks and if you are not sure about anything, pop into your local dealer for some advise.