Post Test Stuff!

Ok, you have now passed your test with J.C., got your dream bike sitting on the driveway ready to go. What next?

For some of you the test was more of a practical thing - you were fed up of coming up over Telegraph Hill at 20 mph on the 125 with the cars belting past you at 70mph+. If that's the case, this section of the J.C. site won't be much help to you but please enjoy the ride to work.

But, for many of you the new bike is also something to be enjoyed. There are 100's of ways to get the most out of your bike and hopefully this part of the J.C. site will help you archive some of them.

Once you have got a few miles under your belt on your new bike you might like to improve your riding skills even further. J.C. offer a range of post test training from a couple of hours upwards. Please give us a ring on 01803 295381 for a chat.

If you fancy going for the green badge their are Advanced Motorcyclists groups in most areas - in South Devon the Devon Advanced Motorcyclists meet the first Tuesday of each month at The Penn Inn pub, Newton Abbot or go to