Preparing For A Course

Here are some of the most common questions people ask before they start a course.

Q. Is there some preparation I can do before a course ?
Yes. Reading and understanding the Highway Code is very important for anyone who will ride (or drive) on the road. It is updated about every 6 months and can be bought cheaply from most general book stores. There are also many other publications from various organisations such as the D.S.A. that you might find useful.

Q. Do I need to have had any motorcycling experience ?
A. No is the simple answer, but you do need to have a sense of balance e.g. from riding a bicycle.

Q. What should I wear on a course ?
A. Ideally, motorcycle clothing if you have it, but if not something that is warm, waterproof and strong with footwear that comes up over the ankle e.g. DM's or walking boots. We have a selection of helmet's, gloves and waterproofs available. There is also a large stock of clothing available to buy on site in Torquay at PGH.

Q. I have taken the car theory test, do I have to take a separate one for motorcycles ?
A. Yes. You need to have taken and passed a category "A" theory test before you can take the practical test. See our links page for details on how to apply for the motorcycle theory test. To try a practice theory test please click here to go to the D.S.A.'s web site. You do not have to take the theory test before a C.B.T. but we recommend you read and understand the Highway Code (see above).

Q. Can I use my own bike for the course ?
A. Yes. All our courses can be taken on your own or a hire bike. If you use your own bike it must have tax, MOT (if three years old or more),insurance and the bike must be fully road legal (including "L" plates). Remember, you may have to get your bike delivered to and from the course (please phone us if you are not sure).

Q. What paperwork do I need to bring with me ?
A. For C.B.T. you will need your driving licence (both paper and card parts if photo card licence) with the category for the machine you wish to use. If you are taking a standard or direct access course please bring your driving licence with the category for the machine you wish to use, your C.B.T certificate (if all ready taken) and your theory test certificate. Please note, for the final practical test you will need both paper and card parts if photo card licence or if the old style paper licence you will need to bring a valid passport.

Q. How long does a C.B.T. take ?
A. A C.B.T. starts at 8.30 or 9 AM depending on location (ask on booking) and can finish any where between 2 PM and 5 PM. The course is a continuous assessment, only moving on to the next section when your instructor is happy you have reached the required standard for that section.